The first step towards mutual understanding is the validation of the other person - José Angel Santana

The Art of Connecting Course (YOUAND)


"The challenge is that most people don’t just out and tell you what is really concerning them.  Your success is determined by your ability to uncover those challenges.  Working with José, greatly enhanced my ability to lead other people by knowing how to read their behavior and uncover their true holdups/areas of concern…because so much of people’s behavior is what is unsaid.“  - Dack LaMarque CFA, Equity Analyst, Del Rey Global Investors, LLC,

“I use YOUAND every day to make sure I learn and then satisfy my patients' needs.” - Dr. Donald Fanelli, DMD

"YOUAND has proven to be the single most valuable decision we've made with respect to the development of customer relationships and team morale. Active listening, reflection and personal agreements help us daily to identify key needs, collaborate efficiently and to hold each other accountable respectfully." - Matt Martone, Founder ClixLocal Media,

"Without YOUAND I might be out of business today. It's helped me create new products and services that add great value to my customers' lives." - Albert Gonzalez, Owner East Coast Muscle & Fitness, creator The FITKIT.

"What did I learn from Dr. Santana? Know what you're doing. Do it. And keep it real." - Deborah Walker, US Army  Central Electronic Command (CECOM)

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