"I have been teaching ESL preparing students for college level studies since 1991. Teaching is not only my chosen profession; it is my passion. I am always on the lookout for innovative methods  to improve the classroom experience for my students.

The You and Arts in Education Workshop led by Professors Marisol and José Angel Santana provides participants with an abundance of exercises to liven up the daily teaching routine, exercises that might typically be found in an acting class but, as I discovered, can also be used just as effectively for the purpose of creating a fun and supportive environment for second language learners.

I highly recommend this workshop for ESL teachers, as well for teachers of all subjects and levels of experience. If you are new to the teaching profession, the You and Arts in Education Workshop will enhance your communication skills and provide you with practical exercises for your classroom. If you are a traditional ESL teacher with years of experience, the workshop will transform the way that you teach."   - Sal Rodriguez, English Language Studies, Passaic County Community College, Paterson, New Jersey

New York City

You and Arts in Education Workshop


The Art of Connecting in collaboration with TESOL Drama is offering a special 4 day intensive workshop in New York City for all educators. The workshop shows teachers how to use drama, dynamic interpersonal communication skills, and other creative tools such as: music, visual arts, writing, and placed-based education to inform the teaching of elementary, middle, and secondary school, as well as adult education in the arts, languages, humanities, ESL, or any subject.

Our fun and unique workshop incorporates methodologies from drama in education (Heathcote, Boal, and more), active listening, conflict resolution, integration of the arts and creativity in the classroom, ESL drama, as well as approaches for overcoming language, cultural and discriminatory barriers.

The workshop is facilitated by Dr. Jose Angel Santana (Professor at Columbia University School of the Arts and The School of Visual Arts) and Marisol Santana (Founder of TESOL Drama, EdD Candidate Columbia University- Teachers College, M.A. Educational Theatre, NYU).

24 hours of Professional Development Credit Certificate

No arts experience is necessary.

By the end of the You and Arts in Education workshop you will:

  • Create a safe "ensemble" environment that is conducive to creativity and collaboration.
  • Learn how to utilize active listening and high level interpersonal communication skills that enhance empathy and improve mutual understanding while addressing cultural tensions and language barriers.
  • Enhance the learning and meta-cognition of your subject by learning how to integrate the arts and drama into curriculum to make lesson plans more fun and engaging.
  • Enliven any educational experience with confidence by demonstrating deep listening skills and respect for the contributions of others.

Please call (917) 310-7333 or e-mail for more information.

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

 - Carl Jung, Man in Search of Soul